December Update

At the beginning of December, our family took a trip to Thailand for Vision Baptist Mission’s Asia Regional Conference. We hosted this conference in Nepal a year and a half ago, and we were excited to meet together again. It was a time of encouraging fellowship and beneficial ministry training. We were also blessed to see the work of a missionary friend working in Bangkok. It was helpful and encouraging to see a ministry a couple years ahead of where Beginnings Baptist Church is now. We came back with a lot of ideas and renewed excitement about what God will do in Kapan, Kathmandu. 

We are thankful to have two faithful young men who were able to take care of the services at Beginnings while we were away. They did a great job and even lead a special worship service during our normal English service hour. Please continue to pray for Akash and Akash as they learn more about the Bible and ministry. They are a huge asset to our ministry, and we trust God will use them to spread the Gospel throughout Nepal. 

November Update

We held two evangelistic events at Beginnings Baptist Church this month. Our people did a great job bringing their friends to hear the Gospel at these special services. At the beginning of the month, we asked them to invite their friends and neighbors to Friend Day. We rejoiced to have many visitors in attendance and gave each one a special token of friendship. 

Last week, we had our second annual Matthew’s Banquet. Matthew’s Banquet is a special service where we host a large, traditional meal and invite unbelieving friends and family to hear the message of salvation. Several members of our church worked for two days to prepare the meal. It was encouraging to see them work hard together to be a blessing to those that would come. It was our highest attended service to date with around 80 people. 15 of these were first-time visitors — most had never been to church before. Please pray for these new contacts to continue coming to church and growing in their understanding of the Gospel. 

Ever since coming to Nepal, I have realized the great need of Christian materials in the hands of the Nepali people. We have translated several books to fill this need in part, but I have also felt the responsibility to produce materials specifically intended for Nepali believers. For the past year, I have worked on writing my first book in the Nepali language. This past month, I was able to publish Following God. This book is an encouragement from the book of Genesis to trust in God’s promises and provision. Pray with us that God would use this message to challenge Nepali believers to grow in their faith as they walk with God. 

October Update

Last month, we enjoyed two special services. We honored Justus and Courtney Mize for their service during their six month internship. Courtney gave her testimony in Nepali, and Justus preached a ten minute sermon in Nepali. It was such a blessing to see our people love on them and encourage them as they left. They worked hard in language and ministry and connected with our people in a special way. They have returned to America and have begun deputation. After raising support, they plan to return to Nepal to plant churches. From now on, their prayer letter will come enclosed with ours. I hope that you will prayerfully consider inviting this special family to present their ministry at your church. 

We were also blessed to hold a special baptismal service. Roshan came before the church and gave a testimony of salvation. I baptized him in the kiddie pool we fill up in our sanctuary. He is excited to begin his new life in Christ but faces many obstacles as the only believer in a Hindu family. Please pray for him as he matures in Christ and shares the gospel with his family.

Before Justus returned to America, I invited him and some of the young men I am training to meet together and plan for the coming year. We ate a meal together and spent an evening dreaming about what the Lord will do in Kapan, in Kathmandu, and in the remote villages of Nepal. Please pray for this team of men as we serve God in reaching Nepal with the gospel.

July Update

We have had a busy and exciting few weeks! To start off, Kelly and Ella Rockhold visited on a missions trip for two weeks. We were able to include them in various events including a kids’ class remodel, children’s ministry, village trip, and ladies meeting. They were a blessing and encouragement to our church and family.

Amber held our first ladies’ meeting during this time. She had a group of twenty young ladies who were able to hear a clear Gospel message and word of encouragement. The group sang songs, played games, and had snacks. The ladies are already asking to make this a regular event!

Amber’s parents were also able to visit us in July. Their trip coincided with Shepherd’s and Jolynn’s summer breaks, so we were able to spend a lot of quality time together. Courtney and Justus handled English class on their own for a week while I took the evenings off. Akash and Akash stepped into various roles and responsibilities as well. We are thankful for our family that loves us and for our team who helps us accomplish God’s work in Kapan, Kathmandu.

This week will be the last week of English classes at the church. We will hold a special graduation service on Saturday. We are praying for all of our students and their families to be in attendance where they will be presented a graduation certificate… and the Gospel!

Paul and Amber Taube

1 Year!! April Update

April has been a busy but exciting start to our summer outreach in Kathmandu, Nepal. We started the month with an Easter egg hunt for the community. People came from every direction to take part in the face-painting, balloons, music, games and much more we had made available to our community. Throughout the evening, we announced our church’s one year anniversary coming up the following Saturday. We also passed out information about our church and an invite card to our celebration service. All together, we were able to pass out around 200 invitations to Beginnings Baptist Church.

The following Saturday, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Beginnings Baptist Church. Praise the Lord for a great attendance of over 40 people! God has allowed us to make countless contacts over the past year and see much fruit for our labors. Pray with us that, by His grace, this next year we will be able to see more of Kapan reached with the Gospel.

One of our biggest forms of outreach this summer is an English class held at our church. This past week, we started our Tuesday and Thursday night classes and have been able to meet several new people from the area. Through these classes, which will continue through the summer, we anticipate many learning about our church and the Savior we worship!

For His Name Sake,

Paul and Amber Taube

March Update

As we come up on the year anniversary of Beginnings Baptist Church, we are looking back at the many blessings God has given this little church plant. We have made many contacts in Kapan, Kathmandu and have seen God work in many individuals lives. The picture on the right is a family that moved to Kapan from a village of Nepal. We have begun meeting for a weekly Bible study in their home and pray to God for the salvation of those who do not yet know Him as Savior. We are also meeting for discipleship with many others throughout the week. Some are growing in knowledge of the Word of God, others are preparing for baptism, and others are learning more about the Gospel. Please pray God would use these times of one on one discipleship to bring fruit for His honor and glory.

This past month, we also got a 1 year visa for our family. Praise the Lord! This is a huge relief for our family. Obtaining a visa in any country is not a guarantee — especially in countries that have a very small population of Christians. Here in Nepal, I was called into the immigration office and questioned about being a Christian and going to church. The officer told us that they want to remove Christian workers from the country. After seeing our camp property and the work that is being done, he did not ask anymore questions. This is exactly the reason Camp Refuge is so important for the continued work in Nepal. It gives Amber and I the freedom to continue the work and, at the same time, will benefit the work we do. The picture on the left is the town where our property is located. I hope to share with you more over the next few letters. Thanks for your faithful prayers.

Paul and Amber Taube

February Update

This past month, we hosted our first missions conference at Beginnings Baptist Church. We had a great turnout from our people and had two days of wonderful services. We had Joel Travis come as our special speaker and two national pastors come as our featured missionaries. They all did a great job, and our people are excited to begin assisting these families in reaching Nepal with the gospel. Please pray for us as we take this big step as a church.

Our missions conference was a kick off for our summer outreach in our own area as well. We have many events planned for the summer to invite people to come to our church. One of the big events next month will be our one year anniversary service. It is hard to believe that it is upon us already! Our hope and desire is that Beginnings Baptist Church will be a light in Kapan for many more years.

Along with outreach, we have started an advanced Bible study on Tuesday and Thursday nights. There are three young men attending this in-depth study of the word of God. Please pray for them as they prepare for whatever God may have for them in the future.

Paul and Amber Taube

December Update

First, I would like to thank everyone for the Christmas wishes, cards and gifts that many of you sent our way during the Christmas season. Amber and I are so blessed to have so many people behind us as we serve Christ here in Nepal. We love you and praise God for your care and support.

We had a wonderful first Christmas celebration at Beginnings Baptist Church. This time of year is one of the best opportunities for Christians to share their faith with others. Since it is a government holiday, many are able to come to a special service to see what it is all about. We were more than anxious to take advantage of this opportunity. We had around 60 people come to hear about the birth of Christ. We were especially excited to see that our landlord had come and sat just long enough to hear the Gospel presentation. We trust the Lord will work in her heart in the coming months of our church operating right in front her home.

We are looking forward to all God will do in 2018. We would like to see some progress towards completion of Camp Refuge, but we have encountered hurdle after hurdle in this process. We ask that you would pray for the government to give us clearance to continue moving forward and refrain from giving any more trouble as we move along. At the church, we are anticipating some big events this year, including our missions conference in February. Thank you for your faithful prayer for Beginnings Baptist Church and the ministry in Kathmandu.

Paul and Amber Taube

November Update

We have had highs and lows during our last few weeks of ministry at Beginnings Baptist Church in Kapan, Kathmandu. We packed out our tiny church with our faithful people and their friends and family whom they had invited to attend our Matthew’s Banquet. I was able to share the Gospel with these people, about half of which are Hindu. Our people worked together to cook an incredible meal and minister to all in attendance. The excitement was abounding, and we all went home full and happy.

The cold season hit hard and fast, bringing with it a lot of sickness. Many of our faithful people have missed services due to illness, and others have had to stay home to care for their family members who had also fallen sick. Attendance has been lower than usual, but we have seen God work in the lives of those who continue to come.

We have also had to say goodbye to some with whom we have worked as they departed for overseas work or study. This is a huge challenge to mission work in Nepal, and we covet your prayers that the seeds we have sown would be watered where and when fruit can be reaped. It is disappointing and discouraging to lose our friends this way and to see our church attendance dwindle, so we also ask that you would pray for unwavering fervor and strength from the Lord as we serve Him in Kapan.

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together as a church. We spent a Wednesday evening after service decorating the sanctuary, and it is looking very festive. There has been great interest in attending our Christmas service as many are intrigued by the idea of celebrating this foreign holiday. We are praying that those in attendance will be ready to hear and receive the Gospel and that this visit will be their first of many days spent at our church.

Paul and Amber Taube

October Update

This past month, I had the opportunity to travel with four men from our church to Melamchi, Nepal to meet with Pastor Simon and his church. It was a joy to teach and preach to these brothers and sisters in Christ and meet some pastors from nearby villages as well. There are hundreds of villages scattered throughout this region with hundreds of people in each one.

On our final night, we showed the Jesus Film to more than a hundred people that gathered together. With these villages being so small and inter-connected, many have heard of Christ, but most lack a true understanding of the gospel. We pray this dramatized account of Luke would help them understand the gospel more clearly and that this church would see fruits for their labor to spread the truth in these communities.

The next weekend, I traveled with four men from our church to Nagarkot, Nepal to fellowship with three sister churches during an annual men’s retreat. We head a great time of fellowship, preaching, and prayer. It was also an excellent opportunity for our men to get to know one another and grow in their understanding of the Word together.

We are humbled and blessed by all God is doing at Suruvat Baptist Church. The Dashain and Tihar holidays are coming to an end, and things are getting back to normal in our part of the city. We are planning a Matthew’s Banquet outreach for our unbelieving family and friends this Saturday. We trust the Lord will work in hearts that some would come and hear the gospel as they sit among friends and feast on what has been prepared for them by our people.

Paul and Amber Taube