April Update

The beginning of this month was also the start of Beginnings Baptist Church in Kathmandu, Nepal. The first month of our church plant has gone by fast, but we praise the Lord for many blessings throughout this short time. We had a special Mother’s Day service two weeks ago and had 20 in our service for our highest attendance yet! We have had a few start attending faithfully, and one lady who was already a believer begin discipleship for baptism. Please also pray for a young man who works across the street from our church who has come several times. He wants to hear about the Bible but still has many doubts and questions. An older man has  also come twice and told us he will put his faith in Christ next week. Please pray for all these who need Jesus and have many hard decisions ahead of them.

One of the most exciting things in starting this church has been that, throughout the day, kids will come to sit and talk with me about the Bible. I love watching them understand the truths of God’s Word as they hear its stories for the first time. One young boy named Ritesh, especially, enjoys spending time at our church. He comes to every service and visits me most mornings. Please pray for his salvation.

Our next big event at the church will be in June. We will be hosting a two week English class in our church building. The goal is to make as many contacts as possible and share the gospel with those who come. Please pray for this event and those who will come and for those who will help us teach and make contacts. Thank you all for you support and prayer as we move forward for the cause of Christ.

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