August Update

I have been teaching about prayer the last few weeks at Beginnings Baptist Church. We are encouraged by our people’s desire to learn how they can grow in their prayer lives. This series is leading up to an outreach event where I will teach about what the Bible says about having our prayers heard. Our people are anticipating this opportunity to invite their friends and neighbors to our church and are counting down to this special day of visitation.

We have been holding a teachers’ and workers’ meeting on Saturday before our evening service.  We have begun to divide up the work load of cleaning the church, and our people have risen to the occasion. In our meetings, we have discussed ways we can reach out in Kapan and continue to get the word out about our church. It seems our people are catching a desire to see people in this area receive Christ, and we could not be more thankful to see this change!

I thank God for the opportunity to spend some time with Simon, a pastor in ShivaPokhari, Nepal. I was encouraged by his heart to serve God in the village, and I pray that God would use our time together to further His ministry there as well as in the city. I am also thrilled to say the translation work is coming along. Santosh has completed half of Love and Respect, and I was able to give a rough copy to a couple wanting to see God restore their marriage. I can only dream of all the ways God could use translated materials to assist our efforts to reach people, train pastors, and see  individuals and families changed by the Gospel.

Despite the holiday season, we have been able to see a steady flow of visitors. It is our hope that our people would be a powerful testimony to them as they seek God for what may be the first time. I trust that God’s word will make a difference in their lives, and I thank Him for the opportunity to preach it several times a week.

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