December Update

First, I would like to thank everyone for the Christmas wishes, cards and gifts that many of you sent our way during the Christmas season. Amber and I are so blessed to have so many people behind us as we serve Christ here in Nepal. We love you and praise God for your care and support.

We had a wonderful first Christmas celebration at Beginnings Baptist Church. This time of year is one of the best opportunities for Christians to share their faith with others. Since it is a government holiday, many are able to come to a special service to see what it is all about. We were more than anxious to take advantage of this opportunity. We had around 60 people come to hear about the birth of Christ. We were especially excited to see that our landlord had come and sat just long enough to hear the Gospel presentation. We trust the Lord will work in her heart in the coming months of our church operating right in front her home.

We are looking forward to all God will do in 2018. We would like to see some progress towards completion of Camp Refuge, but we have encountered hurdle after hurdle in this process. We ask that you would pray for the government to give us clearance to continue moving forward and refrain from giving any more trouble as we move along. At the church, we are anticipating some big events this year, including our missions conference in February. Thank you for your faithful prayer for Beginnings Baptist Church and the ministry in Kathmandu.

Paul and Amber Taube

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