October Update

This past month, I had the opportunity to travel with four men from our church to Melamchi, Nepal to meet with Pastor Simon and his church. It was a joy to teach and preach to these brothers and sisters in Christ and meet some pastors from nearby villages as well. There are hundreds of villages scattered throughout this region with hundreds of people in each one.

On our final night, we showed the Jesus Film to more than a hundred people that gathered together. With these villages being so small and inter-connected, many have heard of Christ, but most lack a true understanding of the gospel. We pray this dramatized account of Luke would help them understand the gospel more clearly and that this church would see fruits for their labor to spread the truth in these communities.

The next weekend, I traveled with four men from our church to Nagarkot, Nepal to fellowship with three sister churches during an annual men’s retreat. We head a great time of fellowship, preaching, and prayer. It was also an excellent opportunity for our men to get to know one another and grow in their understanding of the Word together.

We are humbled and blessed by all God is doing at Suruvat Baptist Church. The Dashain and Tihar holidays are coming to an end, and things are getting back to normal in our part of the city. We are planning a Matthew’s Banquet outreach for our unbelieving family and friends this Saturday. We trust the Lord will work in hearts that some would come and hear the gospel as they sit among friends and feast on what has been prepared for them by our people.

Paul and Amber Taube

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