February Update

This past month, we hosted our first missions conference at Beginnings Baptist Church. We had a great turnout from our people and had two days of wonderful services. We had Joel Travis come as our special speaker and two national pastors come as our featured missionaries. They all did a great job, and our people are excited to begin assisting these families in reaching Nepal with the gospel. Please pray for us as we take this big step as a church.

Our missions conference was a kick off for our summer outreach in our own area as well. We have many events planned for the summer to invite people to come to our church. One of the big events next month will be our one year anniversary service. It is hard to believe that it is upon us already! Our hope and desire is that Beginnings Baptist Church will be a light in Kapan for many more years.

Along with outreach, we have started an advanced Bible study on Tuesday and Thursday nights. There are three young men attending this in-depth study of the word of God. Please pray for them as they prepare for whatever God may have for them in the future.

Paul and Amber Taube

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