1 Year!! April Update

April has been a busy but exciting start to our summer outreach in Kathmandu, Nepal. We started the month with an Easter egg hunt for the community. People came from every direction to take part in the face-painting, balloons, music, games and much more we had made available to our community. Throughout the evening, we announced our church’s one year anniversary coming up the following Saturday. We also passed out information about our church and an invite card to our celebration service. All together, we were able to pass out around 200 invitations to Beginnings Baptist Church.

The following Saturday, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Beginnings Baptist Church. Praise the Lord for a great attendance of over 40 people! God has allowed us to make countless contacts over the past year and see much fruit for our labors. Pray with us that, by His grace, this next year we will be able to see more of Kapan reached with the Gospel.

One of our biggest forms of outreach this summer is an English class held at our church. This past week, we started our Tuesday and Thursday night classes and have been able to meet several new people from the area. Through these classes, which will continue through the summer, we anticipate many learning about our church and the Savior we worship!

For His Name Sake,

Paul and Amber Taube