November Update

We held two evangelistic events at Beginnings Baptist Church this month. Our people did a great job bringing their friends to hear the Gospel at these special services. At the beginning of the month, we asked them to invite their friends and neighbors to Friend Day. We rejoiced to have many visitors in attendance and gave each one a special token of friendship. 

Last week, we had our second annual Matthew’s Banquet. Matthew’s Banquet is a special service where we host a large, traditional meal and invite unbelieving friends and family to hear the message of salvation. Several members of our church worked for two days to prepare the meal. It was encouraging to see them work hard together to be a blessing to those that would come. It was our highest attended service to date with around 80 people. 15 of these were first-time visitors — most had never been to church before. Please pray for these new contacts to continue coming to church and growing in their understanding of the Gospel. 

Ever since coming to Nepal, I have realized the great need of Christian materials in the hands of the Nepali people. We have translated several books to fill this need in part, but I have also felt the responsibility to produce materials specifically intended for Nepali believers. For the past year, I have worked on writing my first book in the Nepali language. This past month, I was able to publish Following God. This book is an encouragement from the book of Genesis to trust in God’s promises and provision. Pray with us that God would use this message to challenge Nepali believers to grow in their faith as they walk with God. 

October Update

Last month, we enjoyed two special services. We honored Justus and Courtney Mize for their service during their six month internship. Courtney gave her testimony in Nepali, and Justus preached a ten minute sermon in Nepali. It was such a blessing to see our people love on them and encourage them as they left. They worked hard in language and ministry and connected with our people in a special way. They have returned to America and have begun deputation. After raising support, they plan to return to Nepal to plant churches. From now on, their prayer letter will come enclosed with ours. I hope that you will prayerfully consider inviting this special family to present their ministry at your church. 

We were also blessed to hold a special baptismal service. Roshan came before the church and gave a testimony of salvation. I baptized him in the kiddie pool we fill up in our sanctuary. He is excited to begin his new life in Christ but faces many obstacles as the only believer in a Hindu family. Please pray for him as he matures in Christ and shares the gospel with his family.

Before Justus returned to America, I invited him and some of the young men I am training to meet together and plan for the coming year. We ate a meal together and spent an evening dreaming about what the Lord will do in Kapan, in Kathmandu, and in the remote villages of Nepal. Please pray for this team of men as we serve God in reaching Nepal with the gospel.