October Update

Last month, we enjoyed two special services. We honored Justus and Courtney Mize for their service during their six month internship. Courtney gave her testimony in Nepali, and Justus preached a ten minute sermon in Nepali. It was such a blessing to see our people love on them and encourage them as they left. They worked hard in language and ministry and connected with our people in a special way. They have returned to America and have begun deputation. After raising support, they plan to return to Nepal to plant churches. From now on, their prayer letter will come enclosed with ours. I hope that you will prayerfully consider inviting this special family to present their ministry at your church. 

We were also blessed to hold a special baptismal service. Roshan came before the church and gave a testimony of salvation. I baptized him in the kiddie pool we fill up in our sanctuary. He is excited to begin his new life in Christ but faces many obstacles as the only believer in a Hindu family. Please pray for him as he matures in Christ and shares the gospel with his family.

Before Justus returned to America, I invited him and some of the young men I am training to meet together and plan for the coming year. We ate a meal together and spent an evening dreaming about what the Lord will do in Kapan, in Kathmandu, and in the remote villages of Nepal. Please pray for this team of men as we serve God in reaching Nepal with the gospel.

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