March Update

As we come up on the year anniversary of Beginnings Baptist Church, we are looking back at the many blessings God has given this little church plant. We have made many contacts in Kapan, Kathmandu and have seen God work in many individuals lives. The picture on the right is a family that moved to Kapan from a village of Nepal. We have begun meeting for a weekly Bible study in their home and pray to God for the salvation of those who do not yet know Him as Savior. We are also meeting for discipleship with many others throughout the week. Some are growing in knowledge of the Word of God, others are preparing for baptism, and others are learning more about the Gospel. Please pray God would use these times of one on one discipleship to bring fruit for His honor and glory.

This past month, we also got a 1 year visa for our family. Praise the Lord! This is a huge relief for our family. Obtaining a visa in any country is not a guarantee — especially in countries that have a very small population of Christians. Here in Nepal, I was called into the immigration office and questioned about being a Christian and going to church. The officer told us that they want to remove Christian workers from the country. After seeing our camp property and the work that is being done, he did not ask anymore questions. This is exactly the reason Camp Refuge is so important for the continued work in Nepal. It gives Amber and I the freedom to continue the work and, at the same time, will benefit the work we do. The picture on the left is the town where our property is located. I hope to share with you more over the next few letters. Thanks for your faithful prayers.

Paul and Amber Taube

January Update

As we finish our time in the States, we are preparing to arrive back on the field and start Beginnings Baptist Church in Kapan. I had an opportunity to get some additional training from our mission board this past month. We talked about the needs of being a missionary to an entire country rather than just one city or even just one part of a city. This is extremely important in reaching Nepal with the gospel because less than 20% live in rural cities leaving over 80% of 28 million people living in hard-to-reach, remote villages scattered throughout Nepal. Please pray that God would use our ministry not only to reach the 4 million that live in Kathmandu but also to reach those living in villages.

One of the ways we can accomplish this is by creating materials. Ever since arriving in Nepal, I have been extremely burdened for the desperate need of creating and translating Biblical materials for the churches in Nepal. While still in language school, I began translating basic discipleship lessons. However, as we arrive back, we will begin translating many more books and materials for the believers to grow in their understanding of the Word of God. Please pray as we set up what is needed for this endeavor. If you would like to be more involved in this work, please contact me for more information on the needs and goals of this ministry.

The work for Camp Refuge is continuing on, and we have been blessed to hear from many individuals and churches interested in helping raise the funds necessary to make this vision come to fruition. I cannot wait to arrive back and see firsthand what God has allowed to be accomplished even in our absence. God truly has blessed us with Christian friends in Nepal that have been an answer to our prayers since arriving in Nepal two years ago. He truly knew what he was doing with our family. He has never forsaken us but has, rather, directed our paths and opened so many doors for us. Please consider what your part could be in reaching Nepal with the gospel in this generation.

For His Name Sake,

Paul Taube

December Update


Last month, Amber and I had the opportunity to attend the Our Generation Summit hosted by our mission board, Vision Baptist Missions. We had a great week sharing what God has been doing in Nepal for the past 2 years. There were many students in attendance who desire to serve the Lord in missions. 9 of these surrendered to missions during the Summit. Please pray that God would burden new missionaries for Nepal and the gospel need in Asia.

Camp Refuge

The work at Camp Refuge continues to move forward. It has been exciting to receive new pictures and videos every week of the progress on our property. We are hoping that the retaining walls will be finished within the next couple of weeks. I have been very encouraged this past month to get messages of interest in being a part of this project to start a place of refuge for the churches of Kathmandu. Thank you to those who have already given and those who have shown interest in giving. We cannot move forward without you. I hope you will consider getting involved in this great need for the ministries of Kathmandu. Please contact me at with any questions you may have about Camp Refuge and how you and your church can get involved.

November Update

My family and I have arrived safely back in the United States this month. We want to thank you for your prayers as we traveled back and began settling down in Ohio. During the three months in the States we will be spending most of or time with our home church. This past week I had the opportunity to teach some young men training for ministry and will also be preaching this Sunday night. My wife and I are also excited to be a part of the OG Summit hosted by our mission board Vision Baptist Missions in Atlanta, GA. We would love to extend an invitation to you and your church to be a part of that event on December 29-31 to learn more about how you can be involved in missions.

One of the most important things that we will be doing over the 3 months back is receiving more training on church-planting and disciple making from our mission board. Please pray that God would continue to work in my wife’s and my heart to prepare us for the work ahead as we will launch Beginnings Baptist Church on April 8th, 2017 just a few weeks after landing back in Kathmandu.

!! BIG NEWS !!

As you know we have been talking about Camp Refuge for many months now. We have finally broken ground, and the construction is under way! This means that, in order to keep the work going forward, we need your help. We praise God that He has already provided the land for us completely paid in full. He has also already provided $5000 to begin the excavation of the land. We are trusting God to provide the rest of the needed finances to finish this entire project in 2017. Our first phase is for the rest of the excavation, the building’s foundation, and the sanctuary. For this, we need $60,000 and know that God will provide as he did with the land. Would you consider helping us start this greatly needed ministry for the churches and believers in Kathmandu? If your life has been changed by camp ministry as my life has, then you know the effect that this will have in Nepal. Please contact me with any questions, and I will continue to send updates of the progress.

October Update

This past month has been one of the most exciting months we have had on the field. We are starting to see our rented building begin to look like a church. We have put in chairs and some other furniture. Also, this month our church sign was hung up. It was neat to see all the neighbors coming out of their shops and homes to see what or who was moving in next door. I imagine a church was the last thing on their mind and certainly the first time they have seen a church sign being hung up in their neighborhood. Please pray that God would use Beginnings Baptist Church as a light to this community. Pray that there would be no hinderances to the gospel reaching out to those that live in Kapan, Kathmandu.

Before we leave for a short furlough over Christmas, we are hosting a popcorn/movie night at our church building. We will be showing a gospel-focused Nepali movie and will be giving out information about our church and first service. Pray that God would work in hearts and give us a great opportunity to invite many people to our opening service.

We also have been working hard on getting everything wrapped up before coming back to the States. God is at work here and we are simply trying to keep up! At the camp property, we are finally getting a compound much needed retaining walls put up. I would ask more than anything that God’s will would be done in our ministry as we move forward. Many things are in the works and many decisions are being made. It is an exciting time in Nepal, and we thank you all for your financial help, prayer and encouragement along the way!

Paul Taube

July and August Update

July and August Update

I have done my best at sending monthly updates since we arrived on the field. I think as you hear about all that has been going the last two months, you will understand the hiccup last month. We hope you praise the Lord with us as you hear what He has been doing and pray for us as we continue to move forward for Him.

In July, Amber and I finished formal language school! After 15 months of 4 hours of class each day, it has been a relieving but difficult transition. We still have so much to learn in the language but are trusting that, as we move forward, and put ourselves in harder language situations, the Lord will meet our needs and bless our efforts. Our first step forward was to find a place to rent for our first church plant in Kathmandu. We praise the Lord that we have signed all the paperwork and payed the advance for the building He has provided. It is in a great location in Kapan, Kathmandu. Please pray that God will begin working in hearts in this area. Our desire is to began making contacts here before our short furlough over Christmas, and, upon return in February, we will be able to quickly prepare for the first service of (Suruvat) Beginnings Baptist Church of Kathmandu.

Also, this past month, I had the opportunity to visit our co-laborers in India, Jim and Autumn Roberts. It was a great time seeing how God is at work in Delhi and encouraging each other in the work in which God has brought us together. It was exciting to even understand a little bit of Hindi! There are many similarities between Nepali and Hindi and even much of the same vocabulary. However, Hindi verb structure differs and makes it difficult to understand completely. The amazing thing, though, is that most (if not all) Nepalis can understand and speak Hindi. Please pray that God would allow this to be an open door between the ministries of Nepal and India.

Throughout all this time, we have also been keeping up the work on Camp Refuge. We have done a little more excavating, and now that the rainy season has come to an end, we are starting the construction of some retaining walls on the property. We met with a contractor this past week to begin plans for our camp facility. I am excited to share more with you over the next few months as we move forward and ask that you would pray that God would meet the financial need of this much needed and exciting ministry opportunity in Kathmandu, Nepal.

On top of all this, we had a great visit from Amber’s parents and Vision Baptist Church, the home of our mission board. Also, please pray as my home church will be visiting this week to not only encourage our family but also to help us move forward into this next step of ministry!