Land In Nepal

This has been an incredible month for us on the field! God has provided us a piece of property for the future of our Church Camp here in Kathmandu. We finalized the purchase two weeks ago and started the excavation the very next day. It is so exciting to see this land begin to be prepared for a building. Please pray for us as we will need to raise the money required to complete this great and needed project for Nepal. We are currently working on the building plans to have a more accurate understanding of the financial requirements. Please consider being a part of this project to not only strengthen the believers and churches but to also open up doors for evangelism in this needy city and country.

Paul Taube


April 2016

This past month I had the opportunity to visit the villages of Nepal for the first time. It was a two day drive around the mountains of Nepal on some of the most dangerous roads in the world. The third day, we hiked 4 hours to reach the church we met with in Salyan(pictured left). As you can imagine, these villages have very little outside resources. There are no roads, electricity, water, shops, etc. Everything we ate was grown there by the people, and the water is taken from springs and streams for cooking and drinking. This trip was so eye opening for me as a missionary to this country. God really used this trip to renew my burden and heart to reach these people for Christ.


IMG_1611The main thing that burdened my heart was the great need of the gospel in Nepal. Until last week, all I knew was the capital city of 5 million people that have far too few missionaries and even less churches. However, In Nepal, with a population of over 30 million, the majority of people are living in situations more like what I saw this week in the village. Many if not most of these places have not met a pastor or missionary sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are living in darkness and must be reached in our lifetime.


Please pray with us that God would use us and our ministry not only to reach Kathmandu but also all over Nepal with the gospel. Many questions need to be asked and answered. Such as, how can we reach so many small villages in a short amount of time? How can indigenous churches be planted in small communities?. To ask the right questions and to find the answers, the other missionaries and I need the wisdom and help of God. Please pray that God would help us in this great task!

February 2016

As we come to the last month of our first year on the field our life is really starting to pick up speed as we serve God in Nepal. Doors are opening and opportunities are coming faster than we keep up. Our language still consumes most of our time as we still have lots to learn and lots of room for improvement in speed and pronunciation. Please continue to pray that our language will be able to keep up with our desire to begin getting more involved in church planting ministry.

The most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to begin clearly sharing the gospel with those we see all the time. I have been studying the Bible for language practice with one of the young men from one of the established churches here in Kathmandu. He has been such a help and blessing to me. However, I am hoping to start studying the Bible with unbelievers. Please pray for my Nepali and also for God to open a door with some people to study the Bible.

Also, on our last newsletter I shared with you our desire to start a church camp in Kathmandu. Since then, have finished all the paperwork for our business visa! This means that Amber and I can continue to live and serve here in Kathmandu with our family. This was a known obstacle that we have been praying for a solution for since God moved our family to Nepal. We are so excited as not only does this meet our visa necessity but will also give us great outreach opportunities and church strengthening opportunities here in Kathmandu. Please pray that God would open a door for us as we are looking for land to establish Camp Refuge.

Prayer Review:

  1. Language studies
  2. Opportunities for Bible studies
  3. Land for Camp Refuge